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The Mission

Our mission is in our name. Dunamis is the Greek word for power, authority, strength, or ability….it is the root word for dynamic, dynamite, and dynamo. To those in antiquity, it is the philosophical concept of possibility, capacity, and actuality. To those in the present, it is the reality that comes with the power to proactively exert your influence with consistency and resonance aligned with your promise to your customers. As an experienced digital marketing and content innovation agency, this is what Dunamis Marketing does for our clients! You will get up and running fast so you can realize your full marketing and sales potential.

We specialize in delivering results in Partner IP Creative, Demand Generation, and Go-to-Market Acceleration services for IT Channel Partners utilizing our proprietary and proven methodology and sales edge platform for rapid growth.

Our Team

Is your on-demand marketing team, with access to dozens of top talented resources covering an array of disciplines. The managing partners are:

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The Approach

The Dunamis Marketing Difference: Adaptive “plug and play” Marketing.

  1. Speed. We realize that lost time costs you money in terms of missed opportunities and a loss of first mover advantages.
  2. Vision. We get the big picture. Not only are we looking at the design and execution of a comprehensive marketing strategy, we align with sales and integrate with the overall customer experience.
  3. Scale. We will amplify your story through the aggregation and personalization of market ready resources, as well as accessing and utilizing exclusive, proven content libraries.
  4. Multiplier. You work hard, and the profits are well earned. We help you navigate Market Development Fund programs in order to leverage your hard earned investment.

Create Instant Change

As your on-demand marketing team, we deliver results through the execution of data driven, omni-channel marketing strategies aligned with ready-to-go content designed to spur growth through sales alignment, continuous demand generation, and customer loyalty and education.

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