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What is a digital marketing showcase?

A digital marketing showcase is a unique B2B demonstration platform that allows you to leverage the content from your partners/OEM’s marketing content, your content and social that tells your own unique value story and helps you engage prospects and customers in an engaging way that builds brand loyalty.

What is a Visioneering session?

An exclusive 90 minute strategic session specifically designed to focus on key issues to prioritize, opportunities to accelerate, and constraints to growth. During this collaborative experience, we will:

  1. Explore the sales and marketing requirements necessary to grow market share and fulfill the brand promise.
  2. Establish an understanding of the envisioned future of success.
  3. Identify strategies and an actionable game plan to immediately accelerate performance.

More importantly, you will change the way you think about your business by giving yourself a new thinking framework leading to business growth acceleration.

Do we have to create all the content for the showcases?

All of our showcase packages include services to review your existing content, aggregate materials from vendor/partner sites and the web to help you build your showcases. Should you need help in developing new marketing collateral, we offer design and copywriting services to help you build a more complete offering and maintain consistent branding.

How do the showcases appear on my website?

We build your showcases for you and our marketing platform delivers the showcases to your website through javascript and HTML code we generate and copy into designated pages on our site. Our service works on all web platforms and content management systems such as WordPress, SharePoint, Marketo, Hubspot, SiteCore and more.

How do I track website visits?

There are various methods we use to track site visits. We gate some contents so we can capture information when prospective customers download materials. Also building effective calls to action allows us to capture more information to track and build your sales funnel. The overall design we discuss and build will provide you with the information you seek to increase your sales.

What package is right for our company?

Our sales and marketing consultants spend time with you to learn your business, review your website, marketing collateral, CRM and your marketing strategy and goals. We thoroughly discuss the features and benefits of each our packages and budget considerations. We have packages that address needs and budgets for any size business and level of marketing services desired.

What is partner IP?

Partner IP is defined as the unique business experience, service or product that provides value to their customers. During our Visioneering session we guide you through an exercise to help identify your unique value proposition(s) and build your IP into your solutions and messaging.

How do you measure the marketing results?

We measure results on transforming inbound marketing into sales pipeline. We can do this because we align all marketing messaging with your sales organization and systems to drive results.

Can I direct all leads to a salesperson?

We can help you direct inbound marketing results to your designated salespersons. When you have multiple people on your team this is a great way to help your sales team build their brand and leverage their expertise by solution thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Can you help us determine the calls to action?

When we review and assess your website our services provide you with suggestions on the types of calls to action to place on each web page. We review these carefully with you to assure we meet your expectations.

What happens if a showcase does not drive results?

Through our turnkey services we monitor, review and discuss methods, execution of your marketing plan and sales processes to assure results. The first 90 days are very important in driving results. The key to success if fine tuning the success formula of building your IP story, accessibility for customers and a social marketing approach that drives traffic to your website.

If you have additional questions or want to learn more about the process to get started, contact us by filling out the form or calling us at (512) 922 - 0526. Let us know how we can help.


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