Who is Dunamis Marketing?

Dunamis Marketing is an experienced digital marketing and content innovation agency catering to IT Channel Partners.

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Who We Serve

We cater to technology channel partners with forward thinking executives, whose company has achieved at least $2M in annual revenues and wants to grow sales, but need help generating leads, communicating effectively, and reaching new audiences.

Do you qualify?

Are you...

  • Struggling with How to Expand Your Business and Grow Cost Effectively?
  • Frustrated with Your Current Marketing and Sales Efforts?
  • Too Distracted to Develop Your Own Unique IP That Tells Your Story?
  • Unsure About Where to Start in a Multi-Channel World?
  • Needing Help to Navigate the Market Development Funds Programs?

How We Can Help

Many of our clients find themselves in these situations, ranging from reaching a certain level of success but have stalled and know you need to market, but not quite sure where to begin. Or you are just so busy serving clients and growing, but want to move beyond being perceived as a preferred provider to recognized as an established knowledge leader within your domain expertise as an authority within your geographic sphere of influence. Or yet, you do not have access or want more access to MDF’s but either do not have the time or knowledge, but need help navigating the resources to help grow their business. Either way, you are great with technology and solving your customer’s problems, but you need help getting unstuck and no longer frustrated, and start reaching your sales goals.

If this is you…we look forward to working with you. Let's connect to learn more about your business and see how we can help.

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