How You Can Succeed with Social Media During Crisis

successful social media marketing

It’s hard to think about marketing during challenging times, but now is not the time to go silent. Your brand could be connecting with its prospects during this downtime so it’s ready to thrive when the clouds clear.

Whether it is a global issue like COVID-19 or a local emergency, businesses must have a crisis communication plan in place for their customers. This goes beyond minor adjustments to marketing messages. The plan must extend to customer service teams, your website, social channels, customer-facing staff, and more. While we often cannot control the crisis at hand, we can control our response to it.

Successful Social Media Marketing

4 things you can be doing today:

  1. Focus on Building and Connecting with an Audience
  2. Look for Strategic Partnerships
  3. Be Flexible, Be Innovative, and Be Willing to Pivot
  4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate…with your Team, your Customers, and your Community

Resist the temptation to stay hunkered down on defense. Engage in new kinds of customer acquisition. With so many businesses challenged trying to figure out how they will navigate the “new normal,” now is the time that you can offer thoughtful and valuable solutions.

Enjoy these articles and resources from around the web to help you formulate a plan to communicate with your customers, employees, and all stakeholders.

Twitter Shares How Brands Succeed with Social Media in a Crisis

On social media, anyone can see what’s happening in the world, anytime, and join global conversations on any topic. And in times of crisis, people feel the need to connect more than ever. But it can be tough to know how to engage. Here are 5 best practices…

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Leadership in the Time of COVID-19: How Executives Should Communicate Through the Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has far-reaching implications in all aspects of life and on the business front, posing new challenges for businesses and their executives.

In a time where there seem to be more questions than answers, this is what keeps our client executives up at night…
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The Best Times to Post on Social Media During COVID-19 [Report]

Sprout Social has published an updated listing of the best times to post to each social platform, based on usage changes amid the COVID-19 lockdowns.
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7 Brands Experimenting with New Social Media Marketing Approaches During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak spread last month, there seemed to be two kinds of brands. Those who went quiet and were going through the crisis communications playbook when it came to content on social channels. And, those who decided to switch it up, adapt to the new circumstances and take some calculated risks.
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Stay Connected with Your Customers Through Disruptions

Facebook has provided several ready-made post templates to help you keep customers updated with eye-catching posts to share important updates with your customers.
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