How Crisis Can Spur Innovation

Challenge Spurs Innovation

Business survival requires innovation

“Businesses have survived hard times before. And mine will be one of them.”

There’s something important that needs to be said.

Businesses have survived hard times before.

And yours can be one of them.

There are things that small businesses have done in the past that you can replicate today to stay afloat—no matter how many challenges get thrown your way. The key here is to play offense with those challenges, not a defense. You see, the key to recovering once the dust has settled is to make sure that before it even has a chance to settle, you’re already on the move. The businesses who have bounced back after an economic catastrophe are the ones who didn’t wait for the dust—they took action during the storm. Businesses survived the 2008 financial crisis and the Great Recession that followed it. For two years, they focused on playing offense so they could stay in the game.

Below are a series of articles providing insights on innovation during a crisis:

Six Ways to Innovate During the Coronavirus Crisis

Using the information you have about your customers’ priorities and needs, a little creativity and a lot of flexibility will go a long way toward making innovation happen. Explore the six ways that businesses of all sizes are innovating through this crisis.
Full Story:

Coronavirus Crisis Spurs IT Innovation

The coronavirus crisis sees companies accelerating their adoption of automation, analytics, and new processes to cope with the pandemic’s disruptions and steer the enterprise forward in uncertain times.
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Adapt Your Marketing Strategy For COVID-19

“Taking the right actions and finding the right message can be challenging, especially in a fast-changing situation. All companies should operate with integrity and trust even as they come under pressure from a swiftly evolving situation. Those with a product or service well-suited for difficult times must, meanwhile, tread lightly, lest customers think they’re exploiting a tragedy.”
Full Story: Gartner 

What you sow, you reap: Marketing investment now will drive growth later

There’s an old saying, “In good times you should advertise. In bad times you must advertise.” That’s backed up by significant research. Brands that maintain or increase their marketing spend during a recession drive revenue and market share growth both during it and long afterward.

For brands with the cash reserves to do so, now is an amazing opportunity to take share. Less noise, lower media costs, and staying present in the heads and hearts of your audience will pay off significantly.


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