Our Process

A proprietary methodology coupled with an innovative platform will enable you for rapid sales growth.

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    Our chief marketing officers will work with you to outline your goals and the strategy needed to achieve them. Together, we craft the framework of your annual plan.

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    Design & Implementation

    Our team of creative and marketing automation specialists will do a deep dive into your plan and to develop the marketing themes, email campaigns, use our proprietary platform to build rich media web content and deliver a social media plan that best delivers results.

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    Sales & Marketing Alignment

    Over the next 11 months we will execute monthly campaigns, help you build and deliver webinars and coordinate with your sales team to drive target market awareness and help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Agile Marketing: A New Approach to Growth

As your on-demand marketing team, we deliver results through the execution of data driven, omni-channel marketing strategies aligned with ready-to-go content designed to spur growth through sales alignment, continuous demand generation, and customer loyalty and education.

The Dunamis Marketing Difference: Adaptive “plug and play” Marketing.

  • Speed

    We realize that lost time costs you money in terms of missed opportunities and a loss of first mover advantages.

  • Vision

    We get the big picture. Not only are we looking at the design and execution of a comprehensive marketing strategy, we align with sales and integrate with the overall customer experience.

  • Scale

    We will amplify your story through the aggregation and personalization of market ready resources, as well as accessing and utilizing exclusive, proven content libraries.

  • Multiplier

    You work hard, and the profits are well earned. We help you navigate Market Development Fund programs in order to leverage your hard-earned investment.

Create Instant Change

Get results, not more activity. At Dunamis Marketing we have the process, people and IT experience to build and drive your sales for your IT service company through a systematic approach to strategy, implementation, and alignment.

The Dunamis Strategic Marketing Visioneering™ process and tools, helps us craft your comprehensive marketing strategy and amplify your unique value proposition through aggregation and alignment with market ready content designed to spur growth, continuous demand generation and cultivate customer loyalty through education.

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