Top Strategies to Boost Your Business During COVID-19

1. Look to expand your value proposition to adjust to the current needs of your customers due to the new reality of doing business. Consider creating new packages, adjusting terms, and developing offers that provide comfort and peace of mind for your customers business livelihood and employees.

2. Consistently reach out to current customers, starting with a letter from the CEO on how your company plans to help customers through this challenge, followed by important product/service updates, information on how to access services remotely, and other digital solutions for uncertain times.

3. Demonstrate thought leadership with timely, educational content in the form of blogs, guides, informative webinars, and product education designed to help your customers address the biggest issues they are facing right now. Engage in the conversation your customers are having right now.

4. Review your offers, remove unprofitable aspects of your business and pare back on everything except your most profitable offerings while looking at opportunities for possible new revenue streams.

5. Ensure that your website creates optimal experiences for your visitors. Have the messaging, tone and images mirror the present reality while providing a positive envisioned future. Make sure that information is easy to find and form easy to fill out. Consider adding chat to facilitate real-time with customers and prospects.

6. Don’t stop marketing. If you’re open for business in any capacity right now, you want people to know it. Buyers face limitations like never before in modern times and are looking for alternatives that you may be able to provide. Social media and education-based emails may be particularly effective right now.

7. Value audience expansion over revenue maximization. Pursue sales and stay in the game, but prioritize building your lists, expanding your pixeled audiences, and cutting through the noise to get your message out there to reach your ideal targets. Use this time to create the connections and build up your future pipeline.

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