B2B Integrated Marketing

Customer Success Stories

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Within months, increased leads 2.5x from existing channels as well as created new, additional sales opportunities through a demand generation strategy reaching senior executives through targeted content marketing.

Within months, implemented an inbound content marketing strategy utilizing live webinars, email marketing, and social media to drive demand for their software, resulting in a 15x increase in lead flow.

Implemented a content marketing program that generated 10x increase in qualified enterprise leads across multiple practice areas.

Within months, went from an 8 month burn rate and no pipeline to positive cash flow, renewed growth and a sales pipeline.

Launched the managed IT services and private cloud solutions offering through go-to-market strategy, brand story development, and lead generation, growing 20% the first year.

Within months, implemented an inbound content marketing strategy for their new mobile app, resulting in a 10x increase in lead flow from higher education, government, and fortune 500 clients.

Implemented a series of lead generation win formulas resulting in 100s of live webinar attendees and qualified leads through interactive content, email marketing campaigns, and social media to drive demand for their expert services.

Within months, increased annual sales from 4.5x with 56% in predictable recurring revenue, while positioning the company for scale by implementing best in class infrastructure, systems and talent requirements.

Within 3 months, increased customer retention to 82% and renewal rate to 80% with a comprehensive customer experience management strategy to secure predictable revenue and provide insights into acquisition.

Implemented a highly successful email marketing campaign to tens of thousands of customers, producing results between 2x to 3x industry standards.