Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement Tools Your Team Needs to Compete and Win in Today's Market.

Your sales and marketing teams need good sales enablement tools and resources to be successful.  Without tools such as messaging, proper training, and support your product and service offerings cannot be successful.  At Dunamis, we have the experience and resources to work with you to provide you with the tools to make your team shine and be successful.

Our sales enablement tools and offerings are designed to include everything a sales team needs.  From sales conversation guides, pitch decks, and live and on-demand training, we create the materials you need to ensure your team fully understands and can speak confidently about your service offerings.

Get Leads. Drive Sales. Accelerate Growth.

Enhance your customer engagement strategy with sales enablement tools such as battlecards, solution sheets, sales playbooks for service offerings guide sales conversations to help your sales team focus on your prospect’s needs. We provide your team with the materials to help them nurture and convert their leads.

What We Do:

  • Sales Strategy and Workflow Analysis
  • Identify Targets
  • Develop Offers
  • Create Sales Conversation Guides
  • Develop Sales Playbooks
  • Outline Sales Battlecards
  • Design Sales Pitch Decks and Solution Sheets
  • Conduct Marketing Training
  • CRM Analysis and Recommendations
  • Facilitate Social Selling Training

Why you need Sales Enablement Tools?

Sales teams are spread thin and are wasting too much time on researching, sourcing leads, and doing administrative tasks. We believe that marketing automation and sales enablement tools will streamline your sales efforts and help bridge the divide between marketing and sales.

Within months, implemented an inbound content marketing strategy for their new mobile app, resulting in a 10x increase in lead flow from higher education, government, and fortune 500 clients.