Co-Sell with Microsoft

Sell more. Grow more. Scale faster with Microsoft co-sell marketing.

Create a winning sales strategy, scale your reach to global customers, and prepare for co-selling with Microsoft sellers. No matter how you sell with Microsoft, we’ll help you grow.

Whether its leveraging the vast Microsoft partner ecosystem to extending your reach through the commercial marketplace to collaborating with Microsoft sellers, you will sell more, grow, and scale your business.

Strategize. Scale. Co-sell with Microsoft.

When you choose to co-sell an offer, you can work directly with Microsoft sales teams and Microsoft partners on joint selling opportunities. That unlocks benefits when selling through the commercial marketplace online stores: Azure Marketplace and the Microsoft commercial marketplace.

Why co-sell with Microsoft?

By selling with Microsoft, you join forces with the largest technology ecosystem in the world to expand your opportunities with customers, Microsoft, and other partners. As a Microsoft partner, we provide you with clear paths and approaches that support your goals. No matter how you choose to sell with us, we have what you need to drive business growth and profitability.

AppSource and Azure Marketplace Access | Dunamis Marketing


Gain access to millions of people when you publish in the commercial marketplaces: AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft Channel Partner Marketing | Dunamis Marketing


Tap into a network of 90,000 Microsoft partners — and motivate them to sell your solution — to drive profits.

Co-Sell with Microsoft Field Sales | Dunamis Marketing


Activate a global sales force of more than 35,000 Microsoft field sellers dedicated to your success.

Implemented a series of lead generation win formulas resulting in 100s of live webinar attendees and qualified leads through interactive content, email marketing campaigns, and social media to drive demand for their expert services.